Aunt Lena’s Preserves has been making the homemade and all natural products their clients grew up with over 10 years.

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Barrie's Asparagus

In 1892 James King established Cedardale Farm in the fertile fields of North Dumfries, between Kitchener and Cambridge, Ontario. Four generations later, King’s great-grandson, Tim Barrie, farms Cedardale and operates Barrie’s Asparagus Farm & Country Market.

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Bright Brand Cheese

Bright Cheese & Butter was established in 1874 by a group of local farmers who realized they had a surplus of milk each month from their livestock. Since then, not much has changed. We are still providing fresh quality dairy to the Ontario region. We are well known for our all natural, naturally-aged cheese made with 100% local milk.

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Deli Dude Premium Meat Snacks offer some of the finest range of meat snacks with a unique range of taste and flavour. They are dedicated to making their products with real ingredients, and are MSG and Gluten Free!

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Delmar Foods takes pride in creating top  quality dips, spreads, sauces and dressings. Their products are made with fresh flavours and real, honest ingredients.

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Feige's Gourmet Dressings

Feige’s Gourmet Dressings are not just salad dressing.  They are extremely versatile and can be used for dips, marinades and grilled vegetables.


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Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese is a small artisan cheese plant nestled within the rolling hills of Gunn’s Hill Rd. in Oxford County, Ontario. This small scale artisan cheese plant is the result of years of dreaming and planning by owner, operator and cheese maker Shep Ysselstein. The cheeses produced at Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese are truly unique although you can taste the Swiss influence from techniques and recipes Shep learned while making cheese in the Swiss Alps.

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Heritage Lane Herbs are all certified organic & grown as nature intended – without the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. All of their herbs, blends and spices are non-GMO. You can be sure that your family is getting food that is delicious, nutritious and sustainable. Their herbs are hand planted, grown with love, hand-milled & combined to provide maximum flavour without added salt.

“Our dried herb seasoning recipes have been perfected over years of family meals!”

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Marty’s Pickles takes pickle making back to a more simple time. Marty uses only Ontario grown produce & ingredients, plus a unique spice mixture. The cucumbers and ingredients are then brined in small barrel batches to create the authentic “Original Brine Kosher Dill Pickle”. Each bottle is hand packed in a mason jar. Marty began pickle making at the age of twelve and is part of four generations of pickle makers.

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Norfolk Packers

Norfolk Packers was established in 1969 and is a third generation family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves in producing fresh, local pork products for our customers and their families.

Norwich Packers Beef takes pride in selecting only the very best cattle worthy of bearing the Norpac name. Norpac primarily chooses exotic cattle such as Limousin and Belgian Blue. These cattle are high-yielding, lean animals that produce a consistently tender product. These breeds can also be crossed with Angus to produce marbling in order to service certain specialty markets. Emerson Gill, cattle buyer, and Matt Heleniak, manager/cattle buyer, use their extensive experience and training to select only the finest, 100% corn-fed cattle for the Norpac brand.

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Our Sugar Bush Maple Syrup

Our Sugar Bush produces sweet, amazing maple syrup in Straffordville Ontario.

Pebbles Family Buffet is now preparing a variety of hearty home cooked meals! These Meals are as homestyle and homemade as it gets. They are so convenient, simply microwave or throw in the oven. These dinners are packed with real mashed potatoes, real butter, flavourful vegetables and meat carved right from the bone. They are all prepared with Pebbles’ own recipes.

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Rootham Gourmet Preserves

Rootham Gourmet Preserves is a small, family owned business that produces a line of gourmet products including: savoury sauces, jams, dessert sauces, BBQ and salad dressings, and of course our signature product, Tangy Red Pepper Jelly. With a focus on using local ingredients, we partner with farmers in our community to source as much local produce as possible. We produce in small batches to ensure the quality and consistency of each and every jar.

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Rose & Daffodil Bakery has a combined 30 years of experience in the baking and cooking industry. They specialize in custom desserts but have since expanded to homemade soups, meals and meat pies. All of their products are hand made from scratch using local ingredients. We carry a selection of frozen soups made using their own recipes.

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Schep’s Bakeries has been making Syrup Waffles or stroopwafels since 1985. A Syrup waffle is a cookie baked by being pressed together using an iron, sliced through the middle while they are still steaming hot and filled with a special syrup filling. Using a closely guarded recipe brought over from Holland, Schep’s Bakeries produces a syrup waffle in the same manner as those who started making them in the early 1800’s. Still importing many of our specialty ingredients directly from Holland they strive to make the best possible stroopwafels and are delighted when visitors from Holland comment on the great taste of their waffle cookies.

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Scotian Isle Baked Goods fulfils the need for quality, home-style baked products. Founded on March 11, 1988 and located at 881 Hamilton Road, in the Ealing Plaza, Scotian Isle has been serving London and the surrounding area  for over 25 years. Pat McDonald, the matriarch of the family was a traditional home maker with a rich history of pie making. It was during the fall of 1987 when Pat decided that her pies were good enough to sell and together with her oldest son, John Jr., they started to bake pies and cookies and sell them at local markets. Six months later, working from the home kitchen had become increasingly difficult and it was time to upgrade. Since that time Joseph, the youngest son of the family has taken over the business and grown it into a successful, thriving retail and wholesale operation.

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Shaw's Ice Cream

Shaw’s Ice Cream was established in 1948 by Carl Shaw and his family. Since this time, our operation has maintained a long tradition of producing fine quality ice cream. What’s the secret to making such great tasting ice cream you ask? Well its no secret at all, we simply use only the best ingredients and of course real Canadian cream! We take time in sourcing the purest flavourings, fruits, and dairy ingredients to bring to you what we consider the worlds best ice cream!

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Sticky Mittens Honey are local beekeepers based in Norfolk, Oxford and Elgin counties. Since 2012, they have built their apiaries to hundreds of hives and counting. They offer pollination services and honey that is local, raw, and unpasteurized.

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The Garlic Box brings Ontario garlic from field to fork through a broad range of products that are healthy, functional, comforting and innovative. They use select cold-climate garlic which is prized for its superior health benefits and flavour. Their garlic is non-GMO, non-irradiated, pesticide free, and 100% Canadian.

Winner of the “Best New Product” award in Canada with their Ultimate Garlic Steak Splash!

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Tillsonburg Custom Foods

Tillsonburg Custom Foods is a federally inspected, Halal accredited, HAACP plant with over 30,000 square feet of the latest and most innovative machinery in the poultry industry. They pride themselves on being a Canadian family-owned operation focused on producing great tasting, health conscious foods.

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