Specials March 18th – 24th

Sales prices in effect March 18, 2022 to March 24, 2022.

Did you know that we carry a large selection of locally made preserves? We have everything including: jam, pickles, honey, BBQ sauce, salad dressing, antipasto, chutney and more. All of these items are made in Ontario, some are even made right here in Tillsonburg. Be sure to check it out next time you’re in the store!

Canadian Made!

Raincoast Crisps
assorted varities

150 g

Ballpark Style!

Norpac All Beef Frank's
corn fed beef

454 g

Vegan & gluten free!

Sweet Loren's Cookie Dough
Fudgy Brownie

12 pcs


JalapeƱo Dippers
medium - hot

1 kg

Great for pie!

Red Tart Cherries
whole, pitted

1 kg

Ready in minutes!

Asparagus Spears

500 g

Back in stock!

Ham & Swiss Stuffed Chicken Breast

2 pcs

Homemade in less time!

Pebbles Dinner for Four
Meatloaf, Roast Beef, BBQ Chicken & Rib


Great on the BBQ!!

Smoked Pork Chops
Metzger Meats