Specials March 4th – 10th

Sales prices in effect March 04, 2022 to March 10, 2022.

Come check out our large selection of cured meat products! We have a number of local suppliers and a lot of different options to choose from. We offer many types of salami, including; venison, bison, peppercorn, German, Hungarian, and more! If you’re looking for a quick and easy charcuterie option we have a selection of pre sliced meats. Our suppliers include: Metzger Meats, Deli Dude, Piller’s and Great Canadian Meat Company. To see our full product list please check our website www.countrytable.ca!

customer favourite!

thai, teriyaki, vegetable & sriracha

400 g

great for roasting!


1 kg

add to your smoothie!


1 kg

perfect on the go!

Piller's Pepperoni Cups


get your grill on!

6oz Beef Burgers

4 patties

pair with ranch dressing!

Breaded Pickle Spears
deep fry

1.8 kg

no fishy taste!

Sole Fillets
vacuum sealed

340 g

locally made!

Baby Dill Pickles
Country Style

500 mL

thaw & eat!

Cheesecake Selections
assorted varieties

12 pcs