Yes, We are still open!

We are an essential service and therefore we are open! We have a selection of frozen fruits & vegetables, beef, pork, chicken & turkey. As well as desserts, fries, pasta & more!

We are receiving regular deliveries at this time. Please keep in mind that some products may be shorted due to high demand. That being said we are more than happy to take your contact information and let you know when a product is arriving.
Our staff is working hard to keep the shelves as stocked as possible. On top of our regular routine cleaning we are sanitizing all high touch surfaces regularly. In order to protect our staff and customers we have installed a guard at the till where close contact may occur.
We are asking our customers to please practice social distancing when shopping in the store. Which means staying at least 2m (6ft) away from others. If there is a line to check out please wait at the marks on the floor. If you are planning on using a reusable bag to shop we ask that you are not placing it down on the counter or freezers. Please consider using TAP when paying (we are still accepting cash at this time).
Thank you for your cooperation.

4 responses to “Yes, We are still open!

  1. love the store and the selection of goods. and also the people who work the store. very courteous and helpful.

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